Custom car spoilers ideas

What is the benefit of a spoiler?

Adding a custom spoiler to a car is one of the most versatile and simple modifications you can make. It can easily improve the aesthetics and add a finishing touch to a sport-like makeover, but more importantly, it can improve your car's aerodynamics. Most of the speed and performance upgrades are complicated and expensive. And by adding a small detail like an aftermarket spoiler, you can achieve a slight boost, of course, if you install it correctly.

But how does it work, and what do spoilers do to your car? Whenever your vehicle moves, it has to push against the air, and by doing so, it creates an airflow that influences the overall performance a lot. The manufacturer's design car models in a way that manipulates this air current to make aerodynamics work for the car, allowing it to move with ease. So when you put the right spoiler on your car, you change that pattern and let the air pass your car on the sides and over the top more efficiently. Ideally, it should result in more downforce that pushes your car closer to the road and makes it more controllable and sleek.

The major benefit of a car spoiler is extra traction. This might seem like an insignificant thing at first, but regardless of how heavy your car is, when you speed up, it lifts. And the taller it is, the more the air resists it. This affects steering, gas mileage, performance, and speed in a negative way. If this matches your driving experience, then it's time to upgrade your car with aftermarket spoilers. They can become an elegant and affordable solution to get your car down to earth.

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Spoilers terminology and definitions

Wing Spoilers

A wing spoiler is a type that is more effective than a basic rear spoiler in generating downforce at high speeds. That is why most modern automobiles include spoilers instead of wings. Because it's unlikely that wings will improve vehicle performance at normal driving speeds. And that is how manufacturers want their cars to be used. Not like racing vehicles but like a simple means of transport.

Lip Spoilers

Lip spoilers are used on the front or rear bumper of automobiles. Lip spoilers come in a variety of sizes. Smaller lip spoilers give the car a more subtle and sophisticated appearance, while larger lip spoilers provide it with a lowered appearance. This type of spoilers will additionally help protect your car bumper from scrape or damage when you are on a parking lot, going through a speed bump or pulling over. However, the level of protection depends on the lip material. They are most often constructed of fiberglass, ABS plastic, silicone, or carbon fiber.

Pedestal spoilers

A pedistal spoiler is a type of aftermarket modification that improves the appearance and aerodynamic performance of your car. It's sometimes known as a post spoiler since it attaches to the top of a vehicle's trunk with a noticeable mount. If you want both an edgy style and improved performance, consider purchasing a pedestal spoiler for your car.

Can any spoiler fit any car?

Each car model has a unique design of lines and angles that directs the airflow where it should pass to minimize resistance. Whenever you decide to add a component that sticks out, like a custom spoiler for instance, keep in mind that you change the currents and alter aerodynamics. So, obviously, your new spoilers should be tailor-made for your car model and year.

That being said, there is also a special type out there, the universal lip spoiler, that fits virtually any car. It should not mess up the airflow, however, it might not add as much traction as more specific models. And it's efficiency remains doubtful. But if you are looking for a way to improve the looks only, it works just fine.

However, there are so many gorgeous wing spoilers and pedestal spoilers that will be a perfect fit your car. It is much more rewarding to hunt for the options by specific make, model and year. The size and shape is very important, because ill-fitting spoilers increase drag and make steering worse. Even the purely cosmetic custom options are manufactured with caution to not hurt the downforce.

How much is it to get a spoiler on a car?

If you compare installing car spoiler to other more intricate modifications and services, then it is relatively affordable. In general, the price ranges around $250 depending on the materials and brands. And you should double that number if you need it to be installed at the mechanics shop. The labor usually requires a $100 fee. And don't forget about matching the paint color, that costs around $150.

It is definitely not cheap, but often pails in comparison to most maintenance and repair services.

Can spoilers leave damage on cars?

The custom spoilers regardless of their type (wing, lip, or pedestal) do not interfere with any moving parts of the car. They just remain attached and idly alter the airflow, so no, spoilers do not damage your car. They are not heavy because the spoilers are made of materials like carbon fiber, ABS plastic or fiberglass. their weight is not enough to create any dents on the surface, regardless of their position. So if you were worried about the roof spoilers or front spoilers, don't be.

However, the aftermarket spoiler kits are usually divided into two broad categories - drill and no-drill installation kits. If you are considering installing the spoilers that require a drill process, think carefully. If you grow dissatisfied with the spoiler later, there will be only two options for you. You will have to replace it or ask a professional to deal with the halls. We also insist that you should not try installing spoilers that require drilling holes in your vehicle by yourself. Those can be a pain to fix if you mess up. Opt for the easy no-drill ones instead.

Do spoilers make your car go faster?

Spoilers are always present on racing cars, but their function is nothing like adding more mph or improving your 0-60. Any kind of spoilers have no effect on the speed whatsoever. Their sole purpose, aside from being a cosmetic improvement, is to press your car down to the surface. By slightly manipulating the airflow your custom spoilers increase the downforce, bringing the car down and letting it have more grip. That is why the real benefits of adding spoilers on a car are:

  • - improved steering
  • - better grip of the road
  • - less drag
  • - increased fuel efficiency
  • - sporty look

When you apply a spoiler correctly with regards to your car's make and model you get al these awesome benefits. When the car has to deal with less drag, you reduce the effort that must be made to push it against the wind at high speed. Hence, you get a better gas mileage value. Improved grip on the road grants you more control, since the tires are staying firmly attached to the surface, and even on a high speed you remain in full control.